{Travel Photography} Happy Friday from the San Diego Bay, California

©Oceanshore Photography San Diego Bay

“I am the Captain of my Soul”

                                                                              ~ Nelson Mandela

Happy Friday from San Diego on this gorgeous beautiful day to wake up and begin again. Every day is a new day for a fresh start. Whether you are at the beginning of a journey, in the middle of a project, feel stuck and need inspiration, always remember it is never too late to start the day over! Feeling a creative block? Take a step back from your project or task at hand, walk outside, look up at the sky feel it’s vastness, take a deep breath of fresh air, feel the inspiration, smile, and start again. You decide the course of your soul. You decide the course of your dreams. You are a skilled navigator. Just take a moment to breathe and follow your heart… it always knows the way! Wishing everyone an amazing weekend!

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